Append web browsing history to CRM lead and contact records

A large benefit of having a customer data platform at the center of your tech stack is the ability to unify disparate data on your prospects and customers into a single, centralized record. This single customer view should include both attributes (traits and characteristics) and events (behavior and interactions).

A timeline of your prospects’ and customers’ web visit history can be an insightful data source at the both the individual and aggregate level. At the individual level, you can tailor your communications to reflect their web behavior, serving them content and messaging that may pique their interest. At the aggregate level (with data across all of your customers), you may be able to see patterns of engagement emerge.

With Hull’s customer data platform, you can ensure that your sales, marketing ops, and marketing analytics teams all have this data right in the tools they need.

In order to execute on this use case, we recommend first making sure your data has been completely unified in Hull.

From there, install Hull.js Website Connector to begin tracking web activity on your prospects’ and customers’ User records in Hull.

Finally, our CRM Connector settings allow you to ship those events from their Hull User Timeline to their CRM record.

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