Build a custom lead scoring model with the Hull Processor

The value of lead and account scoring is undeniable. When executed properly, a solid lead scoring model can help point sales and marketing teams towards the opportunities most likely to close. Unfortunately, many lead scoring models pre-packaged into marketing automation platforms are too inflexible to be useful or insightful. Many of them stop short of allowing you to score the things you want.

With Hull’s real-time data editing environment, the Hull Processor, you can build custom lead and account scoring models based on any tracked behavior or attribute.

The possibilities are truly endless. Create separate scores for attributes and behaviors, or build a blended score with both. Apply weights to certain variables you deem more important than others. Leverage data across any connected source, including your marketing automation platform, CRM, third party data enrichment provider, data warehouse, web tracking tag, and more. Fine-tune, modify, and re-run your scores as you need to generate a bespoke model that works for your business.

Consider this example from Hull customer, Pusher, who prioritized and sent leads to their Sales team based on a combination of event data from their backend data warehouse and data from their data enrichment vendor, Clearbit.

Pusher had hundreds of “freemium” users signing up on a monthly basis, without a scalable, efficient way for their go-to-market team to target and convert them. What they ultimately did to help prioritize these users was combine data that helped them identify fit and data that helped them detect interest to stack-rank individuals to focus on.

In order to generate data points that would help them in this prioritization endeavor, Pusher leveraged Hull's Processor, a real-time data transformation and editing tool, extensively.

With the Processor, Pusher was able to:

  • Compute new attributes: Generate a new customer plan ranking when customer changes their plan
  • Log and timestamp any behavior: Date customer first created a new app or instance
  • Log and timestamp key milestones: Customer created first 10 connections

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