Calculate customer LTV in real-time using Hull's Processor

Calculate the lifetime value of your customers by using Hull's Processor with data from your Customer Success platform.

Customer LTV is an important metric to track that gives your team the visibility to:

  • Understand who your highest value customers are
  • Focus and prioritize customers
  • Report on and understand time to recoup customer acquisition costs

Hull's Processor allows you to use data from your Customer Success platform like Vitally or Salesmachine to compute LTV in real-time, and keep it updated in the tools of your choice.

A new custom attribute called LTV will be created within Hull that you can sync to your CRM, a Google Sheet, a BI tool, or other application.

1. Ingest your CS data in Hull

Set-up an incoming webhook connector from Vitally or Salesmachine to retrieve customer data like MRR and number_paid_months (number of months since a customer has started to pay and incremented by one each month)

2. Compute your LTV in the processor

Create a custom attribute called LTV which takes a value the result of the multiplication MRR*number_paid_months

3. Display the aggregated results

You can do it in several ways: 1. extract a csv of your accounts, import them in a google sheet and present them with a chart or in a datavyze tool plugged to that sheet (ex: Google Data Studio) 2. push the accounts attributes to your data warehouse using our PostgreSQL Data Warehouse connector and set-up a BI tool on top

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