Data Cleansing

Standardize field values and prevent duplicate data records to maintain database accuracy and completeness.

Data cleansing is a vital and crucial step in maintaining a healthy database and allowing your marketing campaigns to go off without a hitch. The act of cleansing data can mean different things to different organizations, but may involve tasks like:

  • Populating blank field values
  • Standardizing field values
  • Merging and de-duplicating records
  • Refreshing outdated data with new data
  • Fixing typos and capitalization inconsistencies

By unifying your data sources into Hull’s central data platform, you’ve already taken the first step in managing the cleanliness of your data. Core platform features like Hull’s intelligent identity resolution help keep duplicate records at bay, while tools like the Hull Processor offer data transformation flexibility so your data looks exactly the way you want it to.

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