Data Synchronization

Have complete control over your data flows, ensuring your teams and tools stay completely aligned.

Picture this: an accidental prospecting email lands in your customer’s email inbox. That sinking feeling after the realization is unfortunately all too familiar for the modern-day marketer whose go-to-market tools haven’t synced up with one another. Data synchronization is a key component of a well-oiled go-to-market machine. When the data in your tools remain in sync, your teams can be too.

With Hull, keeping data aligned across systems occurs in real-time, such that a change in one tool triggers a near-instant update in all of your connected applications.

No more building bespoke integrations between two tools each time you require data to sync — Hull becomes your organization’s customer data hub. Hull’s integration settings place you in the driver’s seat of your data flows. The flexibility of our platform offers fine-tuned control over how you want your data to sync. A comprehensive system log keeps tabs on your incoming and outgoing data so you have the visibility you need to look back and audit your data flows if you need to.

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