Identity Resolution

Merge online and offline customer profiles, and link anonymous browsing history with known activity to “connect the dots” in the customer journey.

Identity resolution and customer journey tracking go hand-in-hand with one another — the former serves as the crucial foundation for the latter. Customers today interact with your brand across multiple platforms and channels in both the digital and physical world, leading to the creation of multiple data records and customer profiles. When these online and offline identities have not been reconciled and unified into one singular source of truth, the result is often an inaccurate and disjointed view of your customers, causing go-to-market programs to go awry.

The output of Hull’s intelligent identity resolution is two-fold:

  • A holistic, unified snapshot of each customer contact and account, complete with detailed attributes from any connected data source
  • A comprehensive, chronological timeline of online and offline tracked behavior, beginning with anonymous browsing history

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