Lead Scoring & Qualification

Define your own custom scoring logic to qualify and prioritize leads and accounts.

Lead scoring and qualification ensure that go-to-market teams stay laser-focused on the right prospects in order to reach their growth goals. The right data can help place a spotlight on the targets with the highest likelihood of closing, guaranteeing that your marketing and sales teams don’t waste their time chasing dead ends. Hull’s approach to lead scoring and qualification allows our customers to build and define their own custom scoring model unique to their business, incorporating any attribute or tracked behavior as inputs.

Hull’s library of integrations and custom webhooks offer the breadth and depth of data integration required to build out accurate lead scores. When your lead scoring model can be fed with more data, a better, more precise picture of your ideal customer can emerge. The Hull Processor gives you the flexibility to refine your model, allowing you to adjust the dials just so.

Not exactly sure where to start? Our Customer Success and Professional Services teams are there to offer guidance, consultation, and industry best practices.

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