Incorporate more personalization into your sales and marketing outreach, resulting in more engagement and conversions.

Personalization at scale is the holy grail of modern day digital marketing. The good news is: it’s certainly attainable with the right data and technology stack. Highly-personalized targeting can mean the difference between an email that gets opened, clicked, and replied to versus one that remains unseen, sliding further and further down your recipient’s inbox. In terms of opportunities and revenue, it can mean the difference between severely missing your quarterly sales targets and blowing them out of the water.

Hull makes personalization at scale possible with a robust platform and smart features allowing you to put your data to work. Get hyper-specific by building granular, niche segments with any attribute or tracked behavior from any tool, then use those segments in your email or ad campaigns with targeted messaging directed to those individuals. Compute new attributes and events with the Hull Processor, then let those serve as variable tags in your emails and chats. Equip your sales reps with relevant and contextual customer information right in the tools they use to help them personalize interactions and progress their deals along.

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