Define your ideal customer profile

Understanding who your ideal customer is will allow you to make the most of your marketing efforts. Most companies consider using traditional data enrichment vendors to access firmographic attributes like company size, industry, revenue, and geographic location, as well as person-based attributes like job role and function to define their ideal customer.

While these attributes are a great place to start, the value of a customer data platform like Hull is that it allows you to ingest data from nearly any source and use that data to derive insights.

In addition to your third party data enrichment vendor, other helpful data may come from your billing and accounting systems, social media, or custom web scraping of your customers’ websites, among many other sources — the possibilities are endless!

Hear Aleksander Bury, former Commercial Operations Manager at Paddle, discuss creatively sourcing data to define who your ideal customer is in this snippet from our webinar, “How to Achieve a 30% Reply Rate on Cold Emails”.

Once all of the data you need has been identified and ingested into Hull, you can begin sending it to a data warehouse for analysis.

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