Enrich your CRM and marketing automation platform with third party data

Data enrichment providers like Clearbit capture a tremendous amount of valuable data points on your prospects and customers, but if that data hasn’t been made available to the users and stakeholders within your organization that need it, all of that information can go to waste.

Fortunately, with Hull’s customer data platform, you can ensure the tools that your sales and marketing teams live in everyday have the data they need for better segmentation, targeting, and qualification.

In order to execute on this use case, we recommend first making sure your data has been completely unified in Hull.

From there, Hull’s Salesforce and HubSpot Connector settings allow you to designate which attributes within your Hull User and Account records to send to your tools. This fine-grained control of your data enables you to keep your CRM and MAP clean and free from any data “pollution” that may occur when you import too much irrelevant data.

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