Enrich your CRM records with data from Clearbit and Datanyze

Offer more contextual information to your sales team prior to their outbound outreach by enriching their prospect CRM records with data from Clearbit or Datanyze.

A data enrichment tool like Clearbit and Datanyze can be a valuable addition to your tech stack, providing insightful information to your sales team and saving time and energy on behalf of your prospects as they engage with content on your website and begin filling out lead forms.

A tool like Clearbit or Datanyze can allow you to ask for the minimal amount of information on a lead form while it fills in the gaps and populates the rest of the record. You end up with higher conversion rates and your leads have a better user experience on your website.

You can use our Clearbit connector, our Datanyze connector or a webhook connector that connects to other tools like Pipl, SEMrush, or Linkedin to allow you to add missing attribute fields to your users.

By synchronizing the data to your CRM, you can make it directly available for your sales team.

1. Enrich your data

Set-up your enrichment tool with the Clearbit and Datanyze connectors. You can also use Incoming webhooks or a Scheduled call connector if you use another tool to enrich your users (Pipl, SEMrush,...).

2. Create user segments

Create segments of users you want to synchronise to Salesforce or Hubspot.

3. Set-up your CRM connector

Configure the Salesforce or Hubspot's connector to send these users.

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