Help your sales better know their contacts by adding email events to their timeline in Salesforce

Help your sales people better know who they reach out to by adding email events as Tasks inside the timeline of the contacts and leads inside Salesforce

The more info your salespeople can have on their leads and contacts the better they can adapt their speech in order to better convert and upsell. One type of relevant piece of information is to what extent they interacted with the email sequences you sent via your marketing automation tool like email clicked events, email opened events,...

With Hull, you can add these pieces of information as Tasks on the contact and lead timeline which make these events easily readable and accessible on the contact page inside Salesforce

1. Ingest your email events in Hull

You have several ways in Hull to retrieve email events:

  • Incoming Webhook connectors: you can fetch email events from an API endpoint of the marketing automation tool of your choice.
  • Native connectors like, Marketo and Hubspot: these connectors allow you to fetch events like email opened, email clicked,...

2. Set-up your Salesforce connector to push these email events as Tasks:

In the section called Events - Sending Events as Tasks to Salesforce, you can map the events from Hull to a Task in Salesforce with all the properties on the events you want to import.

The Tasks will be attached to the User, so that they are directly visible inside the user timeline.

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