Increase email reply rates with personalized messaging

There’s no denying that people are more likely to respond to and engage with messaging that feels relevant and personalized to them. The challenge, as a marketer, is creating those personal, “made for me” moments at scale. Email still reigns as one of the top channels for engaging with potential buyers, but its popularity and prevalence has resulted in very full, very noisy inboxes.

Cut through all of the clutter with hyper-personalized messaging that leverages the data you have on your prospects and customers.

Take this example from our customer, Paddle, who used their creativity to craft emails that garnered over a 30% reply rate from cold prospects.

In short, Paddle sourced data on their prospects from all over the web (using third party data sources and even scraping their own data), brought all of that data into Hull, used the Hull Processor to generate new data points, and then utilized those data points as variable tags in their email Sequences in Outreach.

As you can see in the email example below, the message leverages multiple variable tags that, when the email was sent and the variable tags were populated, generated a highly-relevant and personalized email specific to that individual and their organization — and it was all executed scalably and with the help of Hull’s customer data platform!

To dive further into Paddle’s use case, you can read the recap of our webinar or watch the full replay below: How Paddle Achieved a 30% Reply Rate on Cold Outbound Emails.

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