Personalize chat conversations

Arming your web chat operators with relevant data about the people they’re chatting with offers them a great way to tailor conversations and engage with prospects and customers. With Hull, you can easily make important data available right in the chat tools they use, so your chat operators no longer need to flip back and forth between applications to gather this information.

Update your chat tool with data across multiple sources, like:

  • Your CRM (to see if they’ve interacted with anyone from your sales team, if they have an open opportunity, or other information housed there)
  • Your marketing automation platform (to see if they were part of your latest marketing campaign)
  • Your data warehouse
  • Your website tracking tool (to see which pages they’ve been browsing)
  • Your billing system (to see if they’re an active customer or subscriber)
  • Your data enrichment vendor (to see company-related or individual

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