Personalize email campaigns based on customer behavior

One of the main benefits of implementing a customer data platform (CDP) is the many ways you can personalize marketing campaigns (like emails, ads, chat, etc.) at scale. True personalization at scale can only be executed when you have the right data at hand (and a lot of it). Fortunately, a key feature of a CDP like Hull is the ability to ingest and store enormous amounts of data on your prospects and customers — data that ultimately becomes the foundation for these relevant, personalized campaigns.

A fairly straightforward use case to implement is automating email nurture campaigns with relevant follow-up content based on web pages that the prospect or customer has already viewed.

This works when you have already captured the individual’s email address and are currently tracking their web browsing history with Hull.js or another web tracking tool.

Once web browsing activity has been tracked and added to your prospects’ and customers’ Hull User Timeline, use Hull Segments to generate lists of Users who have viewed specific pages on your website. Include a date and time range or keep it open-ended.

Each new User that fits the criteria determined by your segmentation rules will be added to the segment.

Our Connector Settings allow you to send the Users in your segments straight to your destination tool.

From your destination tool, trigger your nurture campaigns to run.

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