Re-engage inactive prospects with personalized emails and relevant content

Re-engage your "dormant" prospects by targeting them with relevant content based on their demographics, firmographics, and their past interactions with your company.

Prospect databases can often go "stale" after a certain amount of time. We've found that a regularly-timed "re-engagement" email campaign every year, 6 months, or quarter can be a great way to gain new traction with leads that may have shown interest in the past, but have since gone quiet.

Say you have a list of prospects that began a free trial, but did not convert to a customer after their free trial ended. Or, perhaps you have a list of prospects that downloaded a certain piece of thought leadership content, but didn't feel the urgency to request a demo or take another "bottom-of-the-funnel" action.

You can build carefully curated segments combining data about:

  • Who they are (...with data from their job title)
  • What type of company they work for (...with company industry data)
  • What they might be interested in (...with data from their free trials, webpage views, content downloads, and other tracked activity)

The idea here is to be as personalized and relevant as possible by utilizing what you know about your prospects in your outreach.

You can achieve this with Hull by integrating a tracking tool like Segment or Hull.js and a marketing automation tool like Marketo,, or Mailchimp.

Using the customer data retrieved from these integrations, you can then synchronize segments of these inactive users to your marketing automation tool and trigger email campaigns to these particular users.

1. Connect a tracking tool

Implement a tracking tool on your website like the Hull.js library or Segment to capture your prospects' web activity on your website.

2. Create user segments

Once you have fetched events and attributes on your Users, you can begin to create granular segments within Hull. For example, you can create a segment called Inactive Trial Users with Users that went through onboarding but remained inactive in the last 7 days. You can create segments on just about any characteristic or attribute about your prospects, or any behavioral web activity tracked. We like to use web page content as an indicator of topic of interest. For example, visitors that clicked on multiple blog posts about Reporting & Analytics may engage with other content you send them around that topic.

3. Set-up your marketing automation tool

In the Connector Settings, you can enable this segment to sync automatically with (or other marketing automation platform).

4. Trigger your email sequences

In, trigger your email campaign to run when a User enters that segment (same thing in other marketing automation platform).

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