Reconcile conflicting field values across different systems

Each tool in your tech stack often has their own “view” of the prospect or customer, meaning your contact and account records may have fields with different, conflicting values. Scenarios like these can wreak havoc down the road for sales and marketing teams. Customer data platforms like Hull can help alleviate these issues and actually prevent them from occurring in the first place.

By unifying data in a CDP, you can:

  1. Begin to see where you have conflicting field values, and
  2. Start to prioritize your most trusted data sources to surface and use the “best” data available

At Hull, we recommend implementing data “fallback” strategies to execute this second step. These fallback strategies provide a cascading hierarchy of data sources for a given field value, allowing you to fill in fields with the first “best” and most trusted data source, then the second (if the first isn’t available), and so on and so forth.

From there, Hull allows you to select and sync the chosen data points out to all your tools, ensuring your systems remain aligned.

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