Score and filter prospect accounts based on firmographic data

Help your sales team focus their time and energy on the highest quality and most relevant accounts by applying an account score based on firmographic data. Filter out irrelevant accounts before they get synced to your CRM.

One of the consequences of your company growing at a fast pace is the skyrocketing number of leads entering your CRM — some may be gems, others not-so-much. Figuring out who to work and who may be better off nurtured by Marketing can be tricky.

You can help focus your sales team's attention towards accounts that more closely resemble your ideal customer profile, or ICP. In general, you can define your ICP with firmographic data (size, sector, MRR, etc.) or technographic data.

Custom Account and Lead scoring within Hull can be done with the Hull Processor. Once Accounts and/or Leads have been scored, you can set rules such that only Accounts or Leads that hit a certain score threshold get synchronized to your CRM, reducing the chance of "data pollution".

1. Enrich your data

Data enrichment tools like Clearbit and Datanyze will be infinitely helpful here. Hull has integrations with both Clearbit and Datanyze to help you get the relevant data you need into the Hull platform.

2. Set-up your scoring rules

Inside the Hull Processor Connector, create your own scoring rules, taking into consideration specific demographic, firmographic, and technographic attributes. Create a custom attribute called "Account Score" or "Lead Score" that will populate the score and update it when new information is presented.

3. Create user segments

In Hull, create segments based on this score. For example, Users whose lead_score > 60, Users whose lead_score is between 20 and 60, or Users whose lead_score < 20.

4. Select the segments to synchronize

In your CRM Connector Settings, allow only Accounts or Users in your lead_score > 60 segment to be synchronized, and allow the other segments to be synchronized to your marketing automation system for nurturing.

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