Send a real-time Slack notification when a target account is on the website

Get a real-time notification in Slack when individuals from key accounts are visiting your website.

Your website probably gets a lot of visitors each day. Many of those visitors are probably not a fit for your product, but some of them very well could be. Your organization has the opportunity to be proactive when an account of a certain size, industry, revenue threshold, etc. is on your website.

Our customers use a "reverse IP lookup" tool to identify the company domain of the web visitor. One of our favorite tools that has this functionality is Clearbit. By using Clearbit Reveal, you will be able to enrich anonymous users on your website and reveal the name of the company, the sector, the size of the company among many other attributes.

You can then create a segment inside Hull of all those anonymous users that fit certain firmographic or technographic criteria, and then send them to Slack with a notification that someone from an interesting company may be worth reaching out to!

1. Connect a tracking tool

Implement a tracking tool on your website like the Hull.js library or Segment to capture your prospects' web activity on your website.

2. Enrich your data

With a data enrichment tool like Clearbit, you can perform a "reverse IP lookup" to determine the web domain of your web visitors, as well as capture any key information about that company's size, industry, employee count, or other characteristic.

3. Create user segments

In Hull, you can build segments of Users based on specific account criteria. For example, you can build a segment of Engaged Target Accounts where Web visitor viewed the Pricing page more than once, and the company has over 500 employees and $100M in revenue.

4. Notify on Slack

In the Slack Connector Settings within Hull, you can automate a custom notification to any Slack Channel or User whenever an anonymous web visitor enters your segment.

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