Track anonymous web visitors

Understanding web visitor activity can be valuable for marketers for many reasons. It can help determine your top landing pages from search engines and other websites. It can highlight how visitors guide themselves through your website. It can provide insight on what and how visitors are engaging with your content.

Similarly to Google Analytics, Hull’s Website Connector also tracks web visitor activity, like which pages were viewed and for how long. However, Hull takes it one step further by capturing each anonymous visit “session” and creating a Hull User Profile with that data. The benefit of creating an anonymous Hull User Profile is that if and when the anonymous visitor returns to your website and completes an identifying action (like submitting a form with their name and email address), all of their past anonymous browsing history will link up to their “identified” profile — which gives you a more complete picture of their customer journey!

Tracking anonymous activity alongside identified activity opens up doors for analytics use cases like marketing attribution reporting.

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