Visualize the customer journey by sending data from Hull to a data warehouse or BI tool

Design your personas, describe your customer's journeys and run attribution models with the various types of customer data you have inside Hull

Hull allows you to track key events and interactions that a User has with your brand. Our customers have found value in pairing Hull with their data warehouse and a data visualization or BI tool to elevate their ability to report on and understand the customer journey.

These tools are often used on top of a data warehouse from which you will be able to query the data. With Hull, you can make the most of your analytics tools by sending the enriched data from Hull into your data warehouse with our Data Warehouse Connector. Then, with all the data from your customers inside the data warehouse, you can use your BI tools on top to run your reports and help you make better decisions and better allocate resources.

1. Set-up your Hull organization

Connect your go-to-market products with Hull.

2. Push data to your Warehouse

Send users, accounts and events to new tables inside the Data Warehouse Connector.

3. Run analytics on top of your Warehouse

In your BI tool, write the right queries to display the dashboards you want to report on.

Get a customized demo

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