Visualize the customer journey with a BI tool

Understanding the customer journey from click to close is the marketer’s Holy Grail — yet, with omnichannel marketing approaches and data that often sits in silos across tech stacks, executing this endeavor can be difficult and complicated. Fortunately, customer data platforms can help make this vision attainable by unifying these touchpoints across your tech stack to create one singular customer profile and timeline.

Although the customer journey, in many cases, begins much earlier than the first time your customer visits your website, tracking those initial, anonymous visits is a good place to start. Hull’s Website Connector captures anonymous browsing history and “saves” these sessions for the future, when your prospect returns to your site and completes an identifying event like a form submission or chat conversation.

From there, Hull’s identity resolution feature stitches the anonymous visits with subsequent identified visits so that your customer’s very first interaction is accounted for.

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