Your Data, Your WayJoin Hull's 5-part webinar series on making your data work for you

Your company's tech stack and data flows are completely unique to you — which is why rigid, out-of-the-box data solutions just won't cut it. Solving your specific data challenges requires more nuance than "plug-and-play" solutions that overpromise and underdeliver.

We know you have big ideas for your customer data. But if you're running into challenges executing on these ideas, Hull is here to help.

In this 5-part webinar series, we want to show you what's possible when your data solutions have the flexibility to meet your specific data needs.

Each webinar covers a standalone customer data management topic — sign up for one or all of them!

Bonus Office Hours: Want to get specific? Our experts will host virtual sessions directly following each webinar to answer any follow-up questions you may have!

Part 1: Pull any type of data, from any source

Feb. 3rd @ 2:00 PM ET

A customer data platform should be your single source of customer truth. What good is it if it doesn't include data you need from every tool and database you use?

In Part 1, we'll discuss all things data integration, fetching, and ingestion, sharing our recommendations for building robust and comprehensive customer profiles.

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Part 2: Define identities the way you want

Feb. 17th @ 2:00 PM ET

A good identity resolution strategy is key to preventing duplicate data records. Many SaaS tools predetermine a unique identifier, like email address, which may or may not work well for your business.

In Part 2, we'll discuss the concept of "Bring Your Own ID" and how it may be a better solution if you feel that your current identity resolution methods are too limiting.

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Part 3: Manually update, delete, and replay data en masse

Mar. 3rd @ 2:00 PM ET

In an ideal world, data cleansing would be completely automated. Unfortunately, we know it doesn't always work that way. Sometimes manually intervening to fix, update, or delete data records is necessary and expected in order to get your data in good shape. The good news is, making manual modifications is easy and straight-forward with the right tools.

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Part 4: Compute and generate new data points

Mar. 17th @ 2:00 PM ET

Raw data by itself isn't useful without the ability to turn it into information and insights.

In Part 4, we'll discuss leveling up your marketing with data transformation. We'll share reasons to transform your data, real examples and use cases, and show you a live demo of how the Hull Processor is used to compute and generate new data.

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Part 5: Configure and control your data flows

Mar. 31st @ 2:00 PM ET

Truly breaking down data silos means having full control over data synchronization, including what data you want to sync, where, and when you want to sync it. Fine-tune your data flows so your downstream tools stay clean.

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